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Dec 28, 2012

The Canadian standup (Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Just For Laughs) and author ("So Recently Ancient", and "Ventriloquism for Dummies: Life as a Comedian") opens up to Paul about his lifelong struggle to win his father's approval and the resulting anger that has cost him friendships.

Dec 21, 2012

Paul talks with Andy, a listener and California policeman who opens up about the "collective PTSD" that police officers frequently accumulate over years of service.  They also talk about the tools he has to use when dealing with haunting memories, the mentally ill and fellow officers who abuse their authority.

Dec 17, 2012

What I learned growing weed and playing The Legend of Zelda. 

Dec 14, 2012

The NY Times Bestselling author of "Shitty Mom", tv writer (Conan), standup and sinlge Mom talks to Paul about the painful event that derailed her swimming aspirations and defined much of her late teens and twenties, before she eventually sought help.

Dec 7, 2012

Paul's friend opens up about being kidnapped by a motorcycle gang at 13, his success as a South Beach nightclub owner, the effect it had on his ego, the "animal" he says he became and the cocaine and heroin addiction that brought him to his knees.