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Mar 30, 2012

Hear what happened when this listener, a popular Wisconsin farm girl moved to the big city and crippling anxiety set in.  Now throw in her discovering she's a lesbian and her mother's dislike of gays.   Sounds like the recipe for a schizophrenic break.

Mar 16, 2012

Incestuous or inappropriate behavior by parents isn't always easy to define.   Paul's friend "Barbara" and her boyfriend "Steve" (both using pseudomnyms) talk about their childhoods and the issues they struggle with especially using sex for power instead of intimacy. 

Mar 9, 2012

The Holocaust survivor, mother, teacher and activist reflects on her coping mechanisms, her ability to find joy, feelings unique to motherhood, her childhood in Nazi occupied Warsaw as a Jewish 7 year-old, and the special bond she forged with her mother as they fled for their lives.

Mar 2, 2012

The comic actor (The Sara Silverman Program) and writer (Jimmy Kimmel) talks to Paul about his conservative upbringing, the teenage rebellion that landed him in military school, his agorophobia and the odd manifestation of his panic attacks.