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Jul 27, 2012

The comedian, writer and podcaster talks about being neglected as a child, his self-sabotaging and the out of control anger that almost destroyed his life.  Dave has appeared on The Office, Entourage and in the film Recount.  He has written for The Talking Dead and he co-hosts the podcast Walking the Room.

Jul 20, 2012

Lily and Paul talk about sexual dysfunction can sometimes not present itself until years into a committed relationship and the necessity in dealing with uncomfortable or painful feelings to achieve intimacy.  Lily also talks about her bulimia, her intense body hatred and the sexual assault that turned her initially...

Jul 13, 2012

Born to a fifteen year-old mother in the projects of Brooklyn, Dwayne was a fighter.   Strong-willed, rebellious and intelligent, he eventually harnessed his temper so it could work in his favor.  He sheds light on his statement "I lived my life to prove I wasn't a mistake."  Dwayne's standup has appeared on Conan,...

Jul 6, 2012

When she was eight, there were whipsers in the neighborhood about her father and what he did.   She could never get the truth from her mother.  Ironically she would follow in her father's footsteps though she swore she wouldn't.   Just your average suicidal, Bipolar addict.