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Sep 28, 2012

The author/filmmaker/podcaster/t.v. personality invites Paul to his craft room where they discuss Chris' OCD, ADD, fear of disappointing people and the unshakeable feeling that he's not successful enough.   Often described as the Nerd's Martha Stewart, Chris is the founder of Film Threat magazine, the author of 

Sep 21, 2012

The actress (Hung, True Blood, Date Night, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Reno 911) and solo theatre artist (Bust) opens up about growing up in a family uncomfortable with emotion, her food and weight issues and the manipulative, alcoholic 23 year-old who wouldn't leave her alone when she was 16.  She also talks about a lie that...

Sep 14, 2012

Nerds get bullied - but nerds who are also "spazzes" as Dan describes his younger self, get the worst of it.   The comedian/writer opens up about the abuse he endured as well as the tactics one can employ to minimize it.   He and Paul talk about science, atheism, hostile audiences, the questioning of one's sexuality and...

Sep 7, 2012

Paul shares a single day of feeback from the listeners, including various surveys from the website, fears, loves and several emails.   Topics include the cloudiness of depression, a 13 year-old boy who was seduced by two of his friends' mothers, and a mom who is ashamed at feeling overwhelmed by her disabled child.