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Nov 4, 2016

Only hugged once in her life by her mother, 25 year-old Yohana is the daughter of conservative East African war refugees from Ethiopia & Eritrea.  All her life she has buried her rage by wearing the "good girl" mask to try to placate her narcissistic mother and having to be someone else to survive as a kid growing up in Oakland where there were some fixed ideas of what makes someone an "authentic African-American".  She shares about living with a learning disability, having physically disabled siblings(and a mother who is ashamed of them) and a passive father. She talks about her battles with body shame, emotional eating, anxiety and depression.

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For info and tickets to the upcoming live MIHH event at the In This Together Festival in Los Angeles go to  It's Sunday Nov 13th and starts at 4pm.  Paul will be interviewing former NBA player and mental health advocate Royce White.