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Jan 25, 2013

The actor (The Sopranos), standup and podcaster (The Self-Help Comedy Hour) talks with Paul about his lifelong battle with anxiety and low self-esteem and the importance of welcoming fear instead of fighting it.

Jan 19, 2013

The podcaster (Totally Laime and Totally Married) and aspiring writer chats with Paul about her idyllic upbringing, tragedy, loss, Xmas, porn, grieving and the sexualizing of today's youth.

Jan 11, 2013

"Lillith" (not her real name) opens up to Paul about why she chooses to moonlight as an escort/prostitute, even though her day job pays the bills.  She talks about living with a rapid cycling form of BiPolar type I, childhood sexual trauma, how her mania helped her excel academically, and the myths and truths...