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Mar 29, 2013

The writer (Agorafabulous!,, and performer (Comedy Central, MTV) talks about a popular friend's suicide in high school that informed much of her later life, her families history of depression and anxiety and her Agoraphobia.   They also share tips to avoid isolating and talk in depth about...

Mar 22, 2013

The former Green Beret talks about his childhood in Texas, the loss of his adoptive mother, his tours in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa, the injury that resulted in his getting a Purple Heart and living with PTSD.  Robert is a spokesperson for USA Cares and the author of Love Me When I'm Gone.

Mar 15, 2013

The singer/songwriter guitarist talks to Paul about being a female guitarist in a male-dominated industry, her negative self-talk, fear of failure, workaholism, and why she stayed with a past boyfriend whose actions betrayed and disgusted her.

Mar 8, 2013

The siblings discuss growing up in an affluent but emotionally witholding household, and how their struggles with depression and her eating disorder ultimately brought them closer together.  They talk about the difficulty of connecting with an emotionally shutdown mother consumed with presenting a facade of normalcy to...

Mar 1, 2013

The podcaster (Indoor Kids) and former licensed therapist opens up about her battle with Adult Onset Still's Disease, her mentally-ill grandmother, rebelling as an adolescent, being a woman in the South, working with schizophrenic patients, and perpetrators and victims of domestic violence.  They also talk about the...