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Apr 24, 2015

The 54 year-old shares about her battles with fibromyalgia, her physically abusive mother, how her illness affects her relationships, her anxieties and how expressing her emotions helped ease the intensity of her physical pain.

Apr 17, 2015

The author/podcaster opens up about her sexually inappropriate narcissistic father, getting sober from her cocaine addiction, fear of intimacy and vacillating between thinking that she's "the shit" or a piece of it.

Apr 10, 2015

A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Matty could no longer bear the silence he saw around him, so he started Road to Change and walked 10,000 miles across Europe to  raise awareness and in the process helped change laws in several countries. 

Apr 3, 2015

The 24 year-old shares about identifying as asexual and gender-fluid as well as the hurdle of coming to terms with a childhood that wasn't overtly abusive, just void of connection.  They also talk about Kelly's OCD, anxiety, depression and love of fan fiction.