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Jan 31, 2014

The list of major health issues she dealt with in childhood including brain and spine surgeries pale in comparison to the complicated relationship with her father; an alcoholic with no boundaries.  Paul and Lindsay discuss the parent who is oblivious to the way they leer at, talk to and touch their children.  They also...

Jan 24, 2014

Culled from a month of surveys filled out by listeners.  Paul reads their shames, secrets, fears, hopes and beautiful moments.  And of course some "awfulsome" moments as well.

Jan 17, 2014

The standup comedian (Comedy Central, Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson) and podcaster (The Crabfeast) shares about the hatred he endured from his mother and the love from his father and other relatives that saved him.

Jan 10, 2014

The writer (Roseanne) and standup (Tonight Show, Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson) opens up about the controlling environment she was raised in, her professional anxieties especially about her age (58) and her decades long battle with anorexia.

Jan 3, 2014

Although the writer/listener grew up in Hawaii, his childhood was far from paradise; enduring a cornucopia of PTSD, leaving him wondering what is real and what isn't.  He also shares his obsession with cults and and the time he joined one to write about it and almost lost his mind.